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July 6, 2013
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Eridan Ampora, the powerful highbood, the unbearably attractive seadweller, has a flushcrush on...
Feferi Peixies.
What else is new.
You angrily finished writing those words in your journal, slammed the book shut, and stuffed it in your pocket. Then you would know where it was at all times. You then proceeded to bury your face into your pillow and groan. Why is he so goddamn hot?!
Your computer made a sound, indicating someone was pestering or trolling you. You looked at the screen.
Oh, perfect.

caligulasAquarium began trolling [chumHandle] at 2:35 a.m.
CA: _____
CA: are you there
CA: i need to talk to you about somethin
[CH]: Eridan, it’s two in the morning!
CA: wwell you dont seem to be asleep
[CH]: It’s about quadrants, isn’t it.
CA: maybe
CA: yes
[CH]: Okay, what is it.
CA: i wwould kinda prefer it if you came ovver
CA: you knoww
CA: so wwe can talk face-to-face
[CH]: Fine. I’ll be over there soon, okay?
CA: okay
CA: see you then
caligulasAquarium ceased trolling [chumHandle] at 2:40 a.m.

You sighed and turned off your computer, quickly brushing your hair and throwing on some clothes. Slipping some shoes on, you stepped outside-
And got soaked.
It was raining.
You groaned and made your way over to the sea-dweller’s house, or, to the beach by the ocean anyways. Eridan stood there with an umbrella over his head.
“Why are you carrying that? You’re a seadweller, it doesn’t really matter if you get wet.”
“Oh. Wwell, I wwas planning on bringing it for you to use, but it seems like it wwouldn’t do any good noww.” You blushed a little, glad it was dark out so he couldn't see it.
“Well, thank you Eridan. That’s very sweet of you.” You said, smiling. You thought you saw his face go purple, but you couldn't tell. You took the umbrella (to be kind, you insisted, not because he was still under it) and walked back to his hive.
“So, I don’t knoww wwhat to do. I don’t have a single one of my quadrants filled, and no one’s showwing any interest.” You were sitting next to the purple-blooded troll on a similarly-hued purple couch in a very fancy undersea living room. Oh, and did you mention that the high and mighty Ampora had been reduced to a blubbering mess?
“No, I’m sure someone out there cares for you in some way!” And they’re right here next to you.
“Just admit it _____, no one does. I mean, wwho wwould? I act like a fuckin jerk all the time.” You really couldn’t keep this up much longer, you had gotten almost no sleep anyways. But you would feel bad if you just fell asleep...
Fuck it.
As he was about to begin complaining again, you collapsed against him, fast asleep. He hurriedly grabbed you to make sure you didn’t slide and fall off the couch.
“_____?” He asked, trying not to pay attention to the fact that you fit into his arms perfectly. You replied by burrowing further into his grasp.
“Fuck, you’re asleep...” He felt something in your pocket and took it out [A/N: Where could this possibly be going?].
“Is this your journal?” [A/N: Wow, didn’t see that one coming.]. He propped you up in the crook of his elbow and opened it. His blush grew progressively darker as he read through all of your entries, up until the one you had written around an hour ago. “So she has a flushcrush on me...”
“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Don’t jump to conclusions.” You were very, very well awake now that you had seen what was in his hands.
“Jump to conclusions? The conclusion is right fuckin here! You wwrote it all dowwn in this journal thing!” You sighed, out of excuses.
“Fine. Maybe I have a little flushcrush on you. But it’s not like you like me back, you want Feferi as your matesprit, right?”
“Wwell, I’vve been keepin an open mind lately, and I evventually got ovver her,” He said quietly. “And...some landwwellers aren’t so bad, so...” He mumbled the last part of the sentence.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“I said I might feel kind of red for you, dammit!”
“Hmm, only kind of?”
“I feel really red for you _____, and wwill you be my matesprit?!” He sputtered out, bright purple in the face. You planted a kiss on his nose.
“Of course, Ampora. Can I go back to sleep now?”
“Yeah-” He didn’t have time to say anything before you promptly fell asleep in his arms again. He didn’t mind though, and leaned back against the couch and held you close, falling asleep with you to the sound of the rain.
Hey look it's another fanfiction yay
I have really mixed feelings about Eridan because it's like the whole genocide thing vs. the fact that his storyline and existence is SO FUCKING SAD and i can relate to it
So here, read this and give Eridan some love :)

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